About Kimberly

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I’ve been called a shutterbug as long as I can remember.

I became fascinated with photography at the age of 12. My mom had an old camera she didn’t use anymore and gave it to me. Back then I used a film point and shoot camera. Kodak was popular then, and so was the Polaroid.

Over the years I snapped shots of life around me.

Increasingly building is my creativeness to make art. What is art, I thought. Usually, when I hear “art,” I think of paintings hanging on the wall. Then, I discovered art can be anything. The more I became exposed to photography and photographers I realized that photography is art in and of itself.

As time passed I heard people express how art in nature was God’s handy work. That appeals to me.

I’m a previous apprentice in The Arcanum learning from master photographers and other photographers that have graduated before me who have learned techniques and applied them to their art and share it with the community.

In my curiosity, I have applied some of these techniques myself creating abstract art as well as landscapes and florals. I love curiosity. While using that curiosity I create more art.

Also, reflective of my art is my yearning to help people in their mental wellness in an artistic holistic way.

As a result of my yearning to experience mental wellness I offer mental wellness coaching. You can find more information about the coaching services by clicking here.