2014 Anniversary Mtn Trip

Paul and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary on February 13th. We celebrated by having dinner and then we drove up into the Mountains on Glendora Ridge Rd in the Angeles National Forest Area. Paul and I both were playing with my new camera he bought me for Christmas. It’s hard to say now who took which. We got several. Many were experiments to see exactly how we could push the camera. All the images were taken between 10pm and 1030pm. There’s one image that requires some extra TLC before it can be presented. Below are the culmination of me and Paul’s handy work. I did all the post processing treatments to enhance the images.

Please share what you think and which one you like the best!

This image was captured with the moon as seen
in the corner with the glare, 10pm at night, with
minimal post processing.
This is the same image from above. There were
several post processing artistic treatments used.
One, you can see a different moon. The moon
shot was taken a few days before at dusk.
Enhancements were added to stars and colors.
Several post processing artistic treatments were
were used on this image. The basic scene is
exactly as it was captured.
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