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Not my photo, just borrow for story.

I’m a big fan of the Heidi story made into movie. Yes, I have the DVD in my movie library. In the story Heidi becomes companion and playmate to Klara who was bound to a wheelchair. Very much like the one on the left.

Toward the end of the story Klara surprises her Daddy with the fact that she can now walk because Heidi helped her learn.

I’m reminded of a girl I cared for during my nursing days. She loved Shirley Temple movies. She was wheelchair bound. However, she’ll never be able to walk because of her disease.

She was one of my most favorite patients. She always greeted me with a smile and hug. When my name was mentioned and she saw me she got so excited she would bang her head against the back of her chair so hard that if she weren’t strapped in she would jump right out of that chair. She was adorable.
It’s been a might long time since then. I’ve lost track of her and her family. I’ll never forget her.

This post was inspired by today’s theme prompt for #marchphotoaday by #fmsphotoaday for Day 6.

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