Image of the Day! – Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon


April 2014, reports were coming left and right about the “Blood Moon”. I was intrigued. I grabbed this image that night. As you can see Mars in the upper quadrant of the image, I saw this on camera and decided to include it in the frame.

I love our Solar System. I love Sci-Fi, ex. Star Trek, Babylon 5, Farscape, etc, type shows/movies. I love NASA’s Astronomy Images. I love all the time-lapse imagery of the stars.

I read a website with instructions on how to make time-lapse videos. It takes at least 1200 images to create a decent 3 minute video. I do want to learn how to create this type of art. It’s fantastic. It’s intriguing.

What or how do you imagine yourself when you look deep into the stars? Leave a comment below and share your story.

lunar eclipse

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