Image of the Day! – Moon & Stars

This is another of my personal projects. I made this piece in February this year. I’m fascinated with the solar system. It was my first attempt at long exposure. I accomplished exactly what I was trying for. To capture the stars and of course the moon. However, this piece is a composite. In order to get the stars like you see them I couldn’t use the moon on the exact night because there was some sort of glowing haze that made the moon look blurry. I used the moon in this piece from a few nights previous when I was playing with the settings in my camera and experimenting.

So, today’s post is inspired by the fact that we will be seeing a full moon tonight at approximately 9:15 p.m. PST. I’ll be setting up my camera on the tripod to capture some moon shots. I may even talk Paul, my husband, into driving up into the mountains where the city lights won’t interfere. We’ll see!


Imagine, someday we’ll be travelling to the moon. In some of the sci-fi space shows the moon is inhabited. That would be quite an experience, wouldn’t it?

Leave me a comment below to share your thoughts. Let your imagination run free.

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