Imminent Death-match

It was a journey like every other. Zooming through the galaxy with Space Jammer dodging meteor showers here and there.

I dodged one meteor and as my view became clear past a nebula there it was.

What a sight to behold. There was a bio-organism of very large space creatures intertwined in a battle for which the likes I’d never seen. They spun around and their tentacles went every which way. As I hovered there at a distance to avoid being caught up with them they fought harder and let out the harshest sounds I’ve ever heard. My heat meter was throwing off some readings that startled me. It was then I saw them change colors… than in a crescendo bursting into these brilliant shades of flames. There was an explosion! It burned for at least what seemed like 1/2 an hour. Then it was all over! They vaporized and it was gone! Good thing Space Jammer’s camera captured this image.

Here’s image 10/52 week challenge. #52weekchallenge #lenspainting #abstractart

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