Life is Hard

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Image 40/52 week challenge

You know it is going to be one of those days when you get up and immediately upon looking in the mirror you all of a sudden realize, “Whoa! Is that me in the reflection in the mirror?”

You know the kind of day I mean! You’re moody, irritable, and cranky. You’ve already stubbed your toe on the bed post. You spilled coffee on your suit. You had two flat tires before even getting into the car to drive away to work.

At which point, you start to recall all of the sniggering and remarks of your co-workers who give you a hard time.

You begin all the self-hate and self-deprecating self-talk. There are times when you feel bashed and blown about. Much like the flower in today’s image.

Part of my act is meant to shake you up. It looks like I’m being funny, but I’m reminding you of other things. Life is tough, darling. Life is hard. And we better laugh at everything; otherwise, we’re going down the tube. Joan Rivers

We go through seasons of life. Springtime brings new life, happiness, and lots of fun. Summer brings warm smiles and great times. Autumn brings a slowing down and resting. Wintertime brings a time of darkness and hardship.

What do you do with these seasons of life? It’s your choice. Will you let it beat you down? Or, will you use it to help you grow and build your character into a successful person? I choose growth and character building.

Comment your thoughts and let me know. Inquisitive minds want to know!

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