Mars Beach Creatures

This week’s image is something completely new and different in content. However, I’m applying the same technique to create this art piece.

A photo posted by A New Life Oasis Photography (@anewlifeoasisphoto) on Jan 11, 2016 at 11:44am PST

The story short that goes with the image:

Imagine with me for a moment… I’m on a beach on Mars. [Yes, there’s beaches on Mars! ;-D Beaches are one of my favorite things, as well as astronomy.] So, back to the story. I go on a journey to this magical beach where everything glows in magnificent colors. I come across all these wonderful creatures. I run and dance in excitement at their beauty. In my excitement they all rush in together to take part in this joy. I grab my camera to capture this moment for memory in history. Take in this joy and pleasure, even if for a slight moment. It’s so magical!

This is part of a 52 week challenge in my Arcanum cohort in the Google Community I participate in.

Really the only thing stopping me is myself. The possibilities are endless. Lay aside all self-limiting beliefs and let the creativity flow.

What I’m learning is that it doesn’t matter where you are or what your subject matter is. See things from a different perspective and apply that. I’m finding that I really enjoy creating abstract art. No limits! 

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