You’re Invited To My Garden Party

Springtime is a great time for a garden party.
I like that phrase: “Spring showers bring May flowers!”
The dew sparkles on the flower petals as the rising sun bursts through.
The bright and brilliant colors dance in the sunshine as a cool morning breeze lightly moves through and kisses the blooms shaking them with excitement as they dance around.
The blooms burst with a wonderfully relaxing and serene scent.
Come and join me, won’t you!?
This is image 23/52 week challenge. It’s a rendition of spin and zoom.
I discovered this technique when a fellow Arcanumite posted an image from a project she’s involved in using this same technique. I queried her about how she learned and if there were any tutorial videos available. She quickly shared a video. I then watched it and decided to investigate more videos on the technique. I found another one by the same creator of the previous I watched. I liked the teaching in the 2nd video better than the 1st. I quickly began playing with the technique with my dinosaur canon dSLR. I quickly realized that the sensor needs cleaning. I have to figure out how to do that. I defaulted to using my mobile phone and a specific camera app I like to use to create with. I came up with a few new art pieces using my mobile phone camera app. This one here is one of them.
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