A Trip to Venus

This one I struggled with to get the look I wanted. This is 4/52 week challenge.

Here’s this week’s entry.

On this trip the heat intensity was to much for this girl’s eyes. Special eye gear needed to used. This is the scene as Space Jammer landed. The sun was setting. It gave off this very rich and vibrant glow to everything that met the eye. This trip I was alone. I brought my camera so I could capture the moments. The glow was such a warm and fuzzy deep soul feeling. It’s a place I could spent time in. It’s a great hideaway. It is a sanctuary. When I need time alone so I can regenerate, relax, and rest my soul, this is the place to go. The sounds created from the warmth were out of this world. They’re fun, and relaxing. This place takes my mind off all the stress back home. Come join me and enjoy! Oh, don’t forget your protective eye gear!

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