The Eye of The Storm

collage image
Eye of The Storm

A storm was brewing. The winds howled. The rain swirled around me in a way it’s never done before. I thought to myself, “should I be afraid?” 

I hurried with the speed Space Jammer would go… faster than a jet plane or as slow as a rail train? Space Jammer got pounced around in the tumult.

You’re probably wondering the destination, aren’t you? At the moment, it’s a mystery as Space Jammer fights through being whipped and bumped about.

The mystery will only intensify as the storm rages on. Where will I land? You leave me a comment of where you think I should land. Whoever’s answer I like the best I’ll use in my next blog post and tag you for credit of helping me land Space Jammer. So, bash away at that keyboard with your choice of location landing.

Thank you for playing along and being a part of my journey.

This is image 8/52 week challenge. #52weekchallenge #lenspainting #abstractart
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