Hoot’s Watching You

hoots watching you

Digital Painting done by using the macro lens painting technique.

Interesting story about my love for owls. I’m fascinated and in love with all owl species. There’s over 200 different species. My absolute favorite of them is the Snowy Oil. I don’t get to see them in Southern California.

I recall being drawn to owls since I was a little child. I really like birds in general. I love that commercial with the Tootsie rolls pop when a boy asks “how many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie roll center of a Tootsie roll pop?” The boys asks mr cow, mr fox, mr turtle, and then mr owl, because he’s the wisest. Here’s the original 1 minute commercial from 1970. Yes, I am quite familiar with it.

Also, I recall liking Winnie the Pooh and watching the cartoon as a child. I loved the owl. Watch this mini story of Owl’s House:

Here’s a nursery rhyme:

A wise old owl sat in an oak,
The more he heard, the less he spoke;
The less he spoke, the more he heard;
Why aren’t we all like that wise old bird?
Author: Unknown

Owls are typically associated with wisdom in stories and movies.

So, the story. I had collected owl bric-a-brac, wall art, and so on for many years. At one point, I even had special shelving for all my owls that didn’t hang on the wall.

One year when my daughter was in elementary school my grandmother invited us to come for a visit. My daughter and I went on an adventure to visit my grandma. She invited us to stay at her house. Upon walking into her house I was in awe of her love for owls also. Every room had them on every level space that was available. Every wall was covered in owl wall art. When she noticed how shocked and awed I was she started running around grabbing pieces and collecting them on the table. By the time she was finished there was a huge stack of them. She gave them to me. She said that she wanted to make room for new ones. She knew I would love them as much as she had. I came by train. I had no way of carrying that much back with me. My daughter and I marched down to the local corner store and shipped this massive box UPS to my home three states away.

I recently discovered that two of my sisters also are fascinated with owls. I’m not sure if they collect them like I did. One sister sent me an owl necklace for my birthday one year. I have that in my jewelry box. Another sister sent me a mother owl and her owlets nesting figurine for Christmas. It sits on my sofa table.

At this point, I only have a few pieces now. Downsizing has a way of doing that.

If you dig deeper into the history of owls you’ll find they’re associate with mythology.

One of the words used for a group of owls is a “wise”. I imagine that’s how they were dubbed wise old birds.

As the rhyme above asks: “Why aren’t we all like that wise old bird?” Great question.

What’s your theory?

This is image 36/52 week challenge.

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