Walking In The Word

walking in the word

Today’s image is another conceptual art piece. It’s 35/52 week challenge as well as a photography community challenge.

Recently, some Arcanum masters joined forces and created a community of all their apprentices giving the community a larger group of activity. The masters post a weekly challenge. This week’s challenge was to come up with a creative composite.

I struggle with conceptual art. Typically, it requires compositing elements to create one art piece that tells a story or part of a story.

I look at a lot of images every day to be inspired for all of my art pieces.

Today’s piece was inspired by the fact that I’m a Believer of The Word, God’s Holy Word – The Holy Bible, and, another art piece I saw that had a similar idea conveyed.

I love art challenges. It’s good to be challenged. Without challenges to learn and grow we become stagnant. Accept life’s challenges and grow in character.

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