Image of the Day – Malibu Sunset Silhouette

It was the Sunday evening a couple of days before New Year’s Day 2014. As like most weekends my husband and I go for a motorcycle ride through some nearby mountains and canyons. He had just given me a new camera for Christmas. I wanted to go out and make some art with it. I wanted to find the perfect location to shoot from. This was somewhat of a momentous occasion for me. In a few days we would be celebrating a new year in a new place. It was only 7 months since we moved to Southern California. I’d never lived here. I had traveled here on a trip once, to Disneyland, with my family when I was a little girl. Sunrises and sunsets make me giddy for some reason. I love the feeling and emotions conjured up. That warm fuzzy feeling. Don’t you?

I love nature and all that entails. Many of the images I post will most likely be landscapes. That will include transportation of all sorts, animals, plants-flowers, sunrises and sunsets. I will never post images of people because of the liability involved. People images will only be shared with the people who are in the images, i.e. portraits, weddings, events, etc. I do have one public image made in Seattle a while ago. I’ve been debating within myself whether to post it up or not. Should I? Comment below to let me know your thoughts. I value your input.

Malibu Sunset


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