Image of the Day – The Water Fountain

Today’s image is from Seattle’s wonderful architecture. The history of Seattle is very rich. Click here to read what one blogger posts about it.

My husband, and I spent 15 years together in the Seattle-Tacoma Metro region. We spent a lot of time in downtown Seattle. I am fascinated with the rich architecture and history of Seattle. When we went on our walks I’d find myself standing in shops at book stands thumbing through historical publications scanning over the images I saw.

I love history and culture. On several occasions we’d walk up/down The Harbor Steps. On one afternoon we were ascending to discover a film crew was using one of the eateriesĀ that lined the steps. We stood listening and watching. At one point we were shooed back out of the sight of the cameras. I heard people who were extras in the scene being directed here and there to be in place. We were too far away from the directors to hear clearly what they were doing. It was all very intriguing.

Fountain At The Steps-Seattle

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