Number 2 of Lunar Tetrad

I’ve been watching and reading about the Lunar Tetrad. It’s commonly being called the Blood Moon. I mistakenly called my first one a solar eclipse. I’ve corrected it. A lunar tetrad is four total lunar eclipses in a row. There was also discussion with this blood moon eclipse that Uranus was going to be visible with the right lens or a telescope. My camera lens was unable to capture it. I learned a trick once on how to get a great zoom shot. I didn’t have what I needed to do it this time however. There was a hunter [prepping for an early daylight hunt] who showed up and shared that He used his binoculars for the zoom shot before. I’ll have to get a set of binoculars.

Here you’ll see a sequence of the moon going into the eclipse until you see the Blood Moon. I got up a little later than I wanted to at 2 a.m. and Paul drove us up into the mountains to have a clearer view. The eclipse had already begun before I got my camera set up.

I was also able to capture a shot of Orion’s Belt that turned out blurry. I was totally distracted by activity surrounding our dog and the a hunter. I’ll create a more complete capture on the next in the series of Tetrad Moons. The next two are:

  • 2015:
    Total lunar eclipse: April 4
    Total lunar eclipse: September 28

All in all, I’m happy with this.

Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon Sequence


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