And There Was Light

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City Night Lights-Mtn Light Trails

A new addition to my art collection.

Behind the scenes for the making of this image.

It was reported that Sept 9th, 2014 would be giving us the last of the Super Moons. I was on a quest to make some art of this Super Moon.

We drove into the mountains along California State Highway 18 near Rim of the World. Once we reached the area the city lights were beckoning me to make some art.

I pulled out my camera and tripod. I had to ascend some rock mounds by the parking area to get a good view.

I captured the moon. I didn’t like those captures so much. I started shooting frames of the city lights below. I thought I wanted to do a pano stitched piece. (That didn’t work out like I wanted.)

We brought our four-legged kid with. My husband was walking around with her. I turned to look for him in the dark… I’m pretty blind at night… So, I was watching for the white of the dog and the light on my husband’s phone. I knew he’d pull it out and give his hand a try at some night shots. I saw him off to the West. As I did I noticed that there was a line of cars rounding the mountainside road. I did a couple of quick long exposures of the cars.

The next day when I started processing the images I noticed a light trail in the above city image. I layered one of the other light trail images to define the light trail.

I decided not to perfectly center everything because the lay of the land isn’t perfectly straight and center with the shapes and curves.

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