Series – Celestial

Inspired by Brooke Shaden’s art, Promoting Passion.

When we moved to Southern California I was in awe of how visible the solar system is from where we live. We like to go for night rides [motorcycle rides]. When we get up in the mountains the view becomes even more clear. I’ve always loved the moon and stars. It wasn’t until now that I had a good enough camera to capture them.

Below is the start of a series of the celestial view as I see it. The first image is an artistic take on that exact view when I saw it. The second image was made on the same night. The third image is of the Blood Moon with a dot of Mars peering on from above. And the fourth is the August Super Moon.

I’m still working on these. This is where I am with them at present. I’m hoping to come up with more pieces to create a series of 6 or 9 pieces. I started this series in February this year.

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