The Apparition

the apparition image

This image is inspired by some of the blur art I’ve been seeing online.

My +The Arcanum cohort apprentice friend +Matvey Z posted an art piece that’s b/w and it’s ghostly qualities. He posted that he was inspired by +Roxanne Bouche’ Overton‘s work. I’m inspired by Matvey’s work.

I love how we’re all inspired by each other.

I’m actually a couple weeks behind in my posts because I was ill and acquiring a new mobile phone, which is one of my art creation outlets.

The backstory on this image is that it’s from a videogame my husband plays that I love to watch him play. The game is: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. The main character was down in this cave. When I saw the image I was like… “OMG I need to get this… it’ll create a great art piece.

There’s a new video game deemed to be released August 9th called No Man’s Sky. I’m hoping to capture some awesome images for art in this game. I’m excited about this new game. I’ll play it myself instead of watching my husband.

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