The Inferno Blast

The Inferno Blast

It was a normal day, like most others.

On this day I made a visit to the city to take care of some things.

I needed to go into this hi-rise building today. Moments after entering there was a loud blaring alarm going off.

All of sudden I heard screams of horror and fear.

You never expect something like this to happen to you.

I heard people screaming “FIRE” “FIRE” and running for their lives.

I was standing at the elevators waiting for be lifted to the 20th floor.

The elevator door opened and this is what I saw blasting and jumping about like it was dancing to a really hopping song. But the song was screams of horror and fear, not dance music.

I barely made it out alive. All my hair was singed and my skin felt like it was on fire. It was red as red can be… I think I even saw some blistering.

The hi-rise building was gutted by the fire. There’s an arson investigation ongoing. Some say it was terrorist activity. Who knows with all this conspiracies being spewed about!

Thank God I escaped alive and am safe from the inferno!

This story is fictional. I made it up to go with my art piece.

Image 27/52 week challenge.

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