Blooming Energy

Blooming-Energy image

She bursts forth as her energy builds. The wind blows and boom you have a new creation in sight.

Follow its lead. She’ll take you into a world unknown to you. It’s a wonderful and beautiful place that makes your heart smile. It’s a place of inspiration and wonderment! Be inspired!

What inspires you? Where does inspiration take you? Let that ruminate within you. Write down what comes to mind. Whether that’s drawing, writing, making photographic images, or whatever. Develop it. Allow it to build.

Let me know how it goes. I’d like to know.

All my art is for sale at the links provided in the menu. See what other art I have. Share it with others too.

Thank you for your support and encouragement. It is inspiring.

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Butterfly Garden


Floral_Butterfly image

Butterflies and flowers. They make me smile. They make me smile inside and out. They’re such a great combination.

I love nature’s creation. The colors and shapes work to bring joy to life.

I fellow photo artist and blogger creates art and blogs about how to use art to decorate our living spaces. She shares about how colors affect us. She shares how the right colors and shapes open up small places and give the illusion of size. She shares about how colors and shapes bring life to a dreary gray space.

This art piece speaks all those things to me.

What does it speak to you? Leave me a comment and let me know.

This piece is also for sale in the art store. You have two choices. You can see them in the menus.

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The Riders

Riders image

It was a cool brisk and sunny day. The ride was planned at the end of the year 2016. We were supposed to go on January 1st. It was rescheduled due to rain. The expression, “we’ll take a rain check” was quite apropos.

There were eight motorcycles and nine riders. I was the 9th rider because I was the passenger riding with my husband. We rode on the red motorcycle in the main part of the image.

The ride was in the desert mountains of Southern California. We stopped at this spot overlooking Borrego Springs, California down in the valley. In January 2015, I created a photo gallery of images I made from this same exact location. You can see those images here.

We rode a different motorcycle this time than we did 2 yrs ago. I won’t do it again. Long story short; my body was beaten on this ride. The wind and the seat I had to sit on did not treat me well. I still had fun with the group. And, I got to spend time with my wonderful Technogeek husband!

What are you doing in this new year to have fun? Comment and let me know. I’d love to read your stories.

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Colors of the Deep

colors of the deep image

Standing on the edge of the deep, I look down. What do I see?

I see a rainbow of colors. They spin. They wobble. They bounce. My eyes are drawn in like a trippy puzzle. I am unable to turn my eyes away.

The more I look the deeper is takes me. It takes me into a parallel universe. Once I’m there I don’t want to leave. It’s the most peaceful place in the universe.

Where does it take you? There are no limits. You decide. Let me know.

This art piece is the 1st in a new series I call Project 52. Similar to the 52-week challenge, I’ll post a new piece each week for 52 weeks to make up one year of art.

All of my artwork is for sale. You can click on the menu options for the art web store to see what is available. If you do not see a piece in the store but it’s on my blog let me know. I’ll post it in the store for purchase.

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Enchanted: Forest of Light

This gallery contains 18 photos.

Friday, Dec 30th, 2016, my husband and I went to this event. It is being held at Descanso Gardens in La Canada Flintridge, CA until January 8th, 2017. There was so much more than I captured. Some of it was … Continue reading

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December Gallery 52 week challenge

This gallery contains 7 photos.

This gallery serves to post all the images for the rest of the 52 week challenge. They are from a holiday lights cruise I experienced. Happy New Year!

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Limited Time Promotions

Until December 21, 2016, I have two promotions to offer.

The first one is for Heart Of The Matter that can be found here!


The second one is for Autumn Whispers that can be found here!


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The Heart Of The Matter


The winds howl.
The rains fall.
The Christmas season is in full swing.

The Heart Of The Matter is this:
Life goes on.
We somehow seem to pick ourselves up
and dust ourselves off.
We find a way to go on.

This season is no different than any other.

Christmas lights go up and light the world around us.
Christmas trees get put in place and get decorated.
Parties get planned and attended to.

Gifts get exchanged.

There’s one gift, though, that isn’t exchanged, but given.
What is that gift? Tis the reason for the season.

That gift is the gift of salvation, redemption, transformation. We are redeemed by the blood of the lamb.
We are transformed into beautiful souls that go on to bless lives.

Today’s art piece is one of several I will post over the next 2 weeks. Yes, I got behind in the 52-week challenge. I’ll post this one as image 50.

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An Abundant Harvest


You take care of the land and water it; you make it very fertile. The rivers of God are full of water. Grain grows because you make it grow. You send rain to the plowed fields; you fill the rows with water. You soften the ground with rain, and then you bless it with crops. You give the year a good harvest, and you load the wagons with many crops. Psalm 65:9-11

He feeds us! He brings the rain to cause the crops to grow in abundance. There’s plenty for all. Come as you are!

This is image 45/52 week challenge. With Autumn being here many have harvested their crops. Let’s all gather in thanks and celebrate!

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A Different Kind of Supernova


Going through the life.
It is on a superhighway.
All of a sudden there is strife.
Thinking it is time to get off and find the driveway.

The stress is building.
It is compounding by the minute.
All I want to do is (deflect) fielding.
My mind has a limit.

I feel it well up ready to explode.
The exhaustion comes upon me increasingly.
I feel the grip of its stranglehold.

There is nowhere for it to hide.
The heat rises.
Every part is going through a divide.
Here it is; a crisis.

Inevitably, emotion erupts.

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