Colors of the Deep

colors of the deep image

Standing on the edge of the deep, I look down. What do I see?

I see a rainbow of colors. They spin. They wobble. They bounce. My eyes are drawn in like a trippy puzzle. I am unable to turn my eyes away.

The more I look the deeper is takes me. It takes me into a parallel universe. Once I’m there I don’t want to leave. It’s the most peaceful place in the universe.

Where does it take you? There are no limits. You decide. Let me know.

This art piece is the 1st in a new series I call Project 52. Similar to the 52-week challenge, I’ll post a new piece each week for 52 weeks to make up one year of art.

All of my artwork is for sale. You can click on the menu options for the art web store to see what is available. If you do not see a piece in the store but it’s on my blog let me know. I’ll post it in the store for purchase.

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