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Frozen In Time

Time. It seems like it goes by so slowly. Then again, it seems to go by so fast. Either way, time does go on. In this instance, it’s frozen. It’s eternally frozen. The beauty of frozen time bursts forth. There … Continue reading

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She Emerges From The Deep

She’s kept to herself. She’s been in hibernation. The time has come for her to emerge. She’s seeking nourishment. It’s been so long since her last meal. As she emerges her beauty also emerges. She’s one of a kind. What … Continue reading

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Butterfly Garden

  Butterflies and flowers. They make me smile. They make me smile inside and out. They’re such a great combination. I love nature’s creation. The colors and shapes work to bring joy to life. I fellow photo artist and blogger … Continue reading

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Colors of the Deep

Standing on the edge of the deep, I look down. What do I see? I see a rainbow of colors. They spin. They wobble. They bounce. My eyes are drawn in like a trippy puzzle. I am unable to turn … Continue reading

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Crayons of Yahweh

Crayons are fun. I recall, as a kid, pulling out my favorite coloring book, Pluto, Disney cartoon character, and pick a page to color. Once I decided on the page I would scoop up my box of coloring crayons and … Continue reading

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Image of the Day – The Water Fountain

Today’s image is from Seattle’s wonderful architecture. The history of Seattle is very rich. Click here to read what one blogger posts about it. My husband, and I spent 15 years together in the Seattle-Tacoma Metro region. We spent a … Continue reading

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